If you are asked about the recommended travel destination in Japan I will...

I like traveling to Kyoto the most.

I like traveling to Kyoto the most. Not only is there many tourist spots such as temples gathered in a narrow area called Kyoto city, it is also a city. So, it is attractive that you can walk and see a lot of short trips. The area I like is around Kamigamo. Kamigamo Shrine, which is also registered as a World Heritage Site, there are plazas where anyone can play, I think that even with my kids will not get bored. And, when going to the back, there are temples, there are forests where moss is deep, it seems that they went there a long time ago. Although the area around Kamigamo is a countryside feeling even though it is called the countryside, it is good to feel nature and a historic building. Even if it is a world heritage, it is a free place, anyone can feel free to put it in. Also, there are many cheap and delicious shops where students go to nearby, you can also enjoy the nature of Kamogawa and you will not get tired of staying all day. It is a place where you will not get bored, not only for sightseeing, but also for enjoying playing. From Kamigamo shrine, take a bus south, there is a Kyoto prefectural botanical garden along Kamogawa near Kitaoji Station. It is attractive to see plants collected from all over the world in a natural form in a large site. When you are tired of sightseeing, it is good to be able to heal fatigue while enjoying relaxing nature. This place is very convenient for transportation and carries it to Kyoto Station with a subway, so I always chose the botanical garden at the end of the trip.

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